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How do I check my balance?
  • -By accessing the Birbank application;
  • -By activating SMS Banking;
  • -By inserting the card in the ATM owned by Kapital Bank;
  • -When applying to the number registered in the 196 Call Centre, you can select the appropriate option and get information about the balance.

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Why is there a negative on my balance?

Despite the presence of funds on the card account, when making a repayment, the funds are not written off from the balance at that time. The transaction is then verified and written off from the balance, at which point a negative occurs. The verification transaction depends on the service for which the payment is made.

  • If you have loan debt;
  • If cashing out and transfers have been made in excess of the limit;
  • If there is a difference in the exchange rate formed during payments in foreign currency;
  • If there is a withdrawal of the amount after the use of funds already transferred;
  • If the card account is not temporarily closed when cashing out from branches and departments (reuse of funds);
  • According to the terms of the product (if the service on the card is used and funds are not available on the balance, the balance is reduced by the service amount), the negative card balance may be occur.

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