Deposit guaranteed loan

Customers who have placed a deposit on “VIP deposit”, “Capital deposit” and “Term option deposit” in Kapital Bank can get a cash loan or credit line by card with a maximum of 80% of the deposit amount.

  • MINIMUM LOAN AMOUNT On “VIP deposit”: 5000 AZN / USD / EUR; On “Capital deposit” and “Term option deposit”: 500 AZN / USD / EUR
  • MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF LOAN Maximum 80% of the deposit amount
  • LOAN TERM Until the business day before the expiration date of the deposit period
  • ANNUAL INTEREST RATE On AZN deposits: + 5%; On USD and EUR deposits: +4%


  • ID card for citizenship
  • The servicemen's ID card for military server
  • Identity document for foreign citizens
  • Age limit: min. 18 years old
  • Registration: no required
  • Place of work: no requirement
  • Customer's deposit in Kapital Bank

Deposit secured loans are offered to customers at low interest rates because they carry less risk. This loan product offers you lower interest rates, higher debt limits and, at the same time, longer repayment periods. Thus, the last loan repayment date is limited to the expiration date of the term of the deposit you placed in the bank. The only document required by the bank to get a secured loan is an ID card. All you have to do is fill out the online order form to get loan money through the product intended for bank customers who have placed a deposit, the loan term of which is limited by the expiration date of the deposit term.