Kapital deposit

Take advantage of high interest rates with capital deposits, as well as use the opportunity to increase the deposit up to half of the term. In addition, get a cash loan or credit line in the amount of maximum of 80% of your deposit.

  • Deposit amount from 500 AZN/USD
  • Maximum interest rate 10%*

Increase your income with a high interest deposit

Kapital deposit calculator

You can increase the amount up to half of the period along with a high interest rate with Kapital deposit.


End of period

3 month 6 month 12 month 18 month 24 month 36 month
  • Gross interest income

    3 200

The calculation does not take into account the conditions for 10% tax on interest income.


  • Deposit period – 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, 36;
  • Minimum amount – 500 AZN/USD;
  • Maximum amount – no limit;
  • Interest payments – monthly or at the end of deposit period;
  • Adding funds to the deposit – up to 1 month (30 calendar days) before the end date of the contract; amount added must be at least 100 AZN/USD;
  • According to changes to the Tax Code (Article 102.1.22), which entered into force on January 1, 2024:
    - If, when placing a deposit in manat for a period of 18 months or more, you choose monthly interest payment or payment at the end of the term, income on the deposit is completely exempt from tax in the amount of 10%;
    - If, when placing a deposit in manats for a period of less than 18 months, you choose the payment at the end of the term, monthly interest is conditionally calculated and part of this amount up to 200 AZN is exempt from 10% tax;
    - If, when placing a deposit in manats for a period of less than 18 months, you choose monthly interest payments, part of the income from interest on the deposit up to 200 manats is exempt from 10% tax;
    - Taxes on interest income for deposits in manats placed before January 1, 2024 are calculated in the same order as before the changes.
  • Upon the automatic extension of a deposit, the terms of the campaign are not valid.
  • *Terms marked with an asterisk apply to deposits placed before June 30 as part of the campaign.

Interest rates

Monthly paymentPayment at the end of year
 Up to 20000Over 20000Over 50000 Up to 50000 Up to 20000Over 20000Over 50000 Up to 50000


**Applies only to deposits in US dollars made for an amount up to 50 000 USD (inclusively) and a period of 12 months.
 *Applies only to deposits in US dollars for an amount over 50 000 USD and a period of 12 months.

  If the annual interest rate for deposit is higher than the interest rate on the secured deposits specified by Deposit Insurance Fund, then at the request of the client, deposit can be accepted at the rate of the secured deposits determined by the Deposit Insurance Fund (provided that a client has presented his/her consent application). 

Automatic extension of the deposit period is carried out starting from 5% per annum.

Faiz Dərəcələri (Hüquqi Şəxslər üçün)

Depozit müddəti (aylar üzrə)AylıqMüddətin sonunda

Note.1:You can place a deposit of at least 50 000 AZN/USD. There is no limit for the maximum amount
Note.2: Deposits exceeding the amount of 1 000 000 (one million) are considered on an individual basis.
Note.3: Deposits in US dollars placed for a period of more than 12 months are considered on an individual basis.   



Deposit replenishment

Deposit replenishment through Kapital Bank payment terminal

Select "Choose the banking service" menu in the Kapital Bank payment terminal


Select "Deposit replenishment" service among the banking services


Enter the payer's PIN code and the CIF of the deposit


Select the corresponding contract number to replenish the deposit


Check the consistency of data


Insert the cash into the terminal and confirm the payment


Deposits are the best way to start managing your cash. Capital deposits are one of the most profitable bank accounts in which you can invest. This product is one of the reliable and profitable ways to save your money. Capital deposits not only help you value your funds, but also allow you to get a credit line. The maximum amount for bank deposit interests paid monthly or at the end of the term is set at 10%. With this product, which allows customers to get a credit line, the credit line can be issued in cash or by card at a maximum of 80% of the deposit amount of AZN/USD 500. You can easily calculate your interest rates with the deposit calculator. All you have to do is apply to the bank to make a deposit.