Deposit amount

from 100 AZN/USD

Maximum interest rate


Kapital deposit calculator

You can increase the amount up to half of the period along with a high interest rate with Kapital deposit.


End of period

12 ay 18 ay 24 ay 36 ay
  • Gross interest income

    3 200

  • Monthly interest income



Deposit period - 12, 18, 24, 36

Minimum amount - 100 AZN/USD

Maximum amount – no limit

Interest payments - Monthly or at the end of deposit period

Adding funds to the deposit - Up until the middle of the deposit period (amount added must be at least 100 AZN/USD)

Reduction of deposit

1. The value of the card (or the donated part of the value of the card) on full-time deposits is paid by the customer according to the current tariff of the bank.

2. No interest is charged on deposits in foreign currency (USD) that are withdrawn before the due date. The deposit amount can be reduced to 100 AZN/USD.

3. Interest on deposits in the national currency, withdrawn before 30 (thirty) calendar days, are not paid.

4. In case of withdrawal of a deposit within 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the date of its formalization, a client is charged a commission of 5 (five) AZN.

Prolonging the deposit period

1. If a customer does not request repayment of their deposit upon the expiration of the deposit period, the deposit is automatically retained on similar conditions, provided the tariffs and terms and conditions on the date the deposit period expires are identical to those offered by the Bank. Otherwise, deposits are retained under conditions established by the Bank in a unilateral manner (accrued interests are not automatically added to the amount deposited).

Additional terms

1. Only if an amount of a deposit corresponds to amounts specified below with the monthly payment of interest, a customer — on the basis of the breakdown below — can be provided with a debit card as a gift, which account currency corresponds to the currency of a deposit (also applies to deposits that are automatically prolonged). Moreover, if a client deposits under several agreements, instead of a gift card that is due to the client under each of these agreements, he may be issued a card of a higher category, subject to the availability of corresponding tariffs. The cost of the card (or the gift part of the cost of the card) for deposits withdrawn in full before the due date is paid by the client according to the current tariff.

if [100-10000) AZN/USD - Visa Electron/MasterCard Maestro; if [10000- 50000) AZN/USD - Visa Classic/MasterCard Standard; if [50000-100000) AZN/USD - VISA Gold/MasterCard Gold; if 100000 AZN/USD - VISA Platinum/MasterCard Platinum.


1. The gift card is issued until the end date of the deposit.

Credit line

1. At the request of a client, it is issued in the amount of 80% of a deposit amount (provided that the minimum deposit is 500 AZN/USD), in the form of a cash loan or credit card with a credit line. The interest rate of a cash loan or credit rate is determined in the amount of +5% on deposits in manats and +4% on deposits in USD.

Interest rates

Deposit period (months) Monthly payment of interest Payment of interest at the end of the period

Deposits are the best way to start managing your cash. Capital deposits are one of the most profitable bank accounts in which you can invest. This product is one of the reliable and profitable ways to save your money. Capital deposits not only help you value your funds, but also allow you to get a credit line. The maximum amount for bank deposit interests paid monthly or at the end of the term is set at 8%. With this product, which allows customers to get a credit line, the credit line can be issued in cash or by card at a maximum of 80% of the deposit amount of AZN/USD 500. You can easily calculate your interest rates with the deposit calculator. All you have to do is apply to the bank to make a deposit.