Cash consumer loan


Cash consumer loan


Up to 30 000 AZN Credit amount
Up to 60 months Credit period
From 21% Annual interest rate

Krediti onlayn dərhal əldə edin!


Cash consumer loans

We offer our customers easy cash loans.

300 30 000
3 ay 60 ay

Monthly payment for cash loan



Terms and requirements

  • People who have salary or pension card at Kapital Bank or any other bank can apply for cash loan.
  • Age limit: 18-70.
  • Minimum required work experience: 3 months if you have salary card at Kapital Bank and 6 month for salary card holders at other banks. There is requirement on work experience for pensioners.
  • In certain cases a guarantor may be required to obtain a cash loan.
  • People who have an active cash loan at other banks can also apply for a cash loan at Kapital Bank.
  • People with an official income.