Security rules

Please, read the security rules carefully.

If Kapital Bank OJSC's plastic card customers want to operate in the following countries, they must submit an identification document (identity card, passport, temporary or permanent residence permit) to the Bank. Otherwise, they will not be able to operate in those countries.

Republic of Armenia

The Republic of Cote d’Ivoire


Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Islamic Republic of Iran

The Republic of Iraq

Democratic Republic of the Congo;

Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Kayana Cooperative Republic

Lao People's Democratic Republic

Republic of Liberia

Union of Myanmar

Republic of Somalia

Republic of Sudan

Kingdom of Thailand

Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Sign the back of your bank card upon receipt.

Do not write down your PIN code on either side of the card;

It is not recommended to keep the PIN code close to the card, e.g. in a wallet or in other places easily accessible to unauthorized persons, because if somebody steals your wallet they will have all information required to withdraw cash;

Under no circumstances should you give your card to strangers;

Before using an ATM make sure it does not have any additional devices inconsistent with its construction and installed on the keypad used to enter PIN codes or close to the plastic card slot;

Do not let others see your PIN code as you type it in and do not ask others to performs transactions on your behalf;

When using a POS-terminal to pay for purchased goods or services, keep the receipts at least until the time you are able to verify that your account was charged for the correct amount of money;

Make sure your card is not read by any devices other than POS terminals;

If you want to make purchases on the Internet, it is not recommended to use cards linked to accounts to which you receive your salary or pension or where you keep large sums of money. Kapital Bank's Virtual Card is safer and better suited for Internet use.

Try not to enter your card information on unknown websites.

If your card is lost or stolen, call the Customer Service (dial 196 within the country or +99412 5984460 from abroad) immediately to block it.

It is recommended to use the Bank’s SMS notification (SMS Banking) and Internet/Mobile banking services to manage your card account and monitor its use.

As the card chip technology is not widely used in the USA, Canada and the majority of Latin American and Asian countries, transactions performed in those countries are considered high-risk transactions. In order to minimize the risk, it is recommended to limit the use of cards with large amounts of money in those countries.

The Bank, in order to reduce the operating risk associated with its plastic cards, as well as to minimize the losses in case the cards are stolen, has set limits on Internet use and on the daily amounts that can be withdrawn from ATMs and spent using POS-terminals in high and moderate risk countries. When traveling abroad, you can call the 196 Customer Service or consult the Bank's local missions to receive advice, or set limits according to your preferences by using the Internet/Mobile Banking service.