Enjoy cashless payments with a debit card. Make your payments quickly and securely and take advantage of the benefits.

BirKart Umico
BirKart Umico
  • free Card price
  • up to 3000 partnerts Partners
  • interest free installment Installment

Installment cards

BirKart Installment card
  • All you need is BirKart
  • Card price for 1 month
BirKart Cashback
  • BirKart Yetər
  • Card price for 1 month
BirKart Miles
  • All you need is BirKart
  • Card price for 1 month

Debit cards

BirKart VAT (Debit)
  • Double bonus VAT debit card
  • 3-year service fee
BirKart Umico (Debit)
  • Bonus debit card
  • Card price for 3 years
BirKart Cashback (Debit)
  • Debit card with cashback
  • 3-year service charge
Visa Gold
  • Comfortable and prestigious
  • Card price for 3 years
Visa Platinum
  • Prestigious
  • Card price for 3 years
Mastercard Platinum
  • Convenient and safe
  • Card price for 3 years

Digital card

Digital Card
  • Digital Card
  • Card price for 1 year

Gift card

You can make fast payments anywhere in Azerbaijan and around the world with debit cards that support international payment systems. Visa and MasterCard debit card products provided by Kapital Bank allow you to carry out secure operations. Unlike cash payments, plastic cards, which reduce cases of theft, allow you to make contactless payments. With Kapital Bank’s NFC pay function, you can also make fast payments anywhere, even if your card is not physically with you. With Birbank mobile application provided by the Bank, you can track your operations, manage your budget optimally, track card income and expenditure operations, and make utility and landline payments. At the same time, as a Birbank user, you can have a digital card free of charge. To get the cash card, you can use the online application service or Birbank mobile application. To order the debit card, just fill out the relevant information on the application form. To confirm the application, you can use the on-site service or verification via videocall services offered by the bank. You can get the debit cards you apply for within 3 business days.