Birbank Cashback

Birbank Cashback

Up to 30% cashback and Double VAT Bonus
about 3000 Partners
free Price of the card
up to 63 days Grace period

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Birbank card

We offer our clients an installment card they can get without effort.



500 10 000
3 Month 24 Month

monthly payment




  • Service fee - 2 AZN monthly; (If you make non-cash payment of AZN 500 within the month through Birbank card (except for loan payments and transfers), the monthly service fee for the same month is not charged);
  • You can cash out up to 100% of the Birbank card limit;
  • Credit interest when credit card limit is used for cashing, transfer and loan payment - 25%
  • Grace period: up to 63 days
  • AZN-denominated Birbank Cashback debit cards will receive an annual bonus of 6% if there is a minimum personal funds balance of AZN 500 or more.
  • People who get salary/pension from Kapital Bank or other bank can get Birbank kartı;
  • Age Limit: Min. 18 years old, max. 67 years old;
  • Experience at the last workplace must be at least 3 months (6 months for those who do not have a salary or pension card with Kapital Bank). There is no such experience requirement for pensioners;
  • Required documents: Identity card or personal card of the military officer
  • It is possible to earn a maximum of 10 AZN deposit income with AZN-denominated Birbank Cashback debit cards that earn 6% annual deposit income.

To get a double VAT bonus: The cash register receipt must be scanned from and Birbank application. FIN code of the card holder and FIN code registered on must be same. The payment is made without cash in full or in a lump sum. During the transaction, time difference between the receipts printed by the cash register and POS terminal should not exceed 30 minutes. You'll receive the double VAT bonus as per a receipt immediately after the main VAT bonus is refunded.