Online services

You can apply for a references and extracts without visiting the bank.

Making quick and secure money transfers without leaving home, making loan payments, ordering cards, receiving references and extracts is as easy and fast as ever with the online services offered by Kapital Bank. Make card transfers, public utility services and fixed stationary payments from card to card online. Quickly transfer your cash between accounts or to foreign accounts. Save time and energy. All you need to do is to use the Birbank mobile application or the Kapital Bank website. In order to use the Birbank online payment service, it is sufficient to log in to your Birbank account. You can also take advantage of Birbank online payment system to make your next payments faster by remembering your transactions. Make loan payments or loan applications without leaving home. Find out the balance amount in your credit account and make online payments. Avoid late payment interest by making your payments in advance. Carry out your banking operations at any time of the day without waiting in line via the Birbank mobile application and website. With online banking services, you can easily view and analyze your payments by accessing your account history (archieve) and transactions from anywhere. The system is protected by high security systems to keep your personal information confidential and prevent unauthorized access.