5 countries of CIS

Service points

Over 5000

Duration of transfer

5 minute


Low commission fee

Transfer is very short, only 5 minutes

Free SMS notification service

Uninterrupted customer service

Limit for one transaction (in country) - 50,000 AZN / 20000 USD

ATM vasitəsilə 1000 AZN-dək ölkədaxili köçürülən məbləğin alınması imkanı

Cash-out domestic transfered money up to 1000 AZN via ATM


Receiving moneyfrom ATM

Sending money by MilliOn

Sending money by Kapital Bank Terminals

Sending money by

Sending money via BirBank


Direction Comission
Domestic transfers
0.8% of the amount of transfer (minimum 1 AZN/USD, maximum 30 AZN/USD)

Note: In case 0.8% of the amount transferred as per the tariff is more than 1AZN / USD / EUR and there is an additional penny on the service fee, the service fee is rounded upwards.