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What is an advance?

-It is a repayable fund given for urgent expenses to people who receive wages and pensions from Kapital Bank.

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What do I need to know about the advance?

-Between 50 AZN and 500 AZN;

-Without an annual interest rate;

-It can be offered by charging 3 AZN commission for every 50 AZN.

Note: Advance information is sent to ACB and CCR that is, it appears in the credit history.

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To which people is the advance offered?

-People who receive salary and pension from Kapital Bank;

-People under the age of 68 for pensioners, under the age of 65 for men and under the age of 62 for women;

-People under the age of 18;

-People who do not have a restructured loan;

-People who do not have an installment card;

-People who have no delay on the current day;

-The advance product can be offered to those who do not have a negative on their balance.

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Where can I get the advance?

You can get the advance:

Through the Kapital Bank ATM;

Through the Birbank mobile application.

The order of obtaining an advance from Kapital Bank ATM:

- Advance will be offered after inserting the card and entering the PIN code (if the conditions are appropriate). A maximum of one offer is provided per day.

- If you accept the advance offer, you can get an advance as much as the specified amount.

- In the absence of a mobile number in the system, after agreeing on the offered amount, it is required to enter a mobile phone number at the next stage (a template must be applied to the phone number, the phone number must be entered two times), otherwise the process continues without requesting the number.

- After entering the mobile number, your advance amount is issued.

- Advance is not issued if the phone number entered in the ATM has been entered on another card.

- Mobile number entry is not required on cards with active SMS banking service.

 The order of transfer of the advance from the Birbank application:

To get an advance through Birbank mobile application, you can go to the "Offers" section and add money to your card.

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How can I pay the advance debt?

-When the next salary/pension is transferred to the card account within 40 days from the date of first use, the amount is applied to the payment of the advance debt;

-After the initial use, the full amount of the debt must be settled to use it again next time.

-For the early settlement of the advance debt, you can pay it through the Birbank mobile application, MilliÖn, Emanat, or at the bank's branch by entering your CIF code;

-If the full amount of the debt is not paid within the 40 days after the date of use, at the end of the 40th transaction day, the funds available in the balance are applied to the repayment of the debt.

-If the full amount of the debt is not paid within the 40 days after the date of use, starting from the 40th day, a commission shall be charged for every 30 days, equivalent to the monthly commission amount.

-Funds received as personal funds write off the advance debt only on the 40th day, taking into account the delay. Example: if 10 days after obtaining the advance we pay with the 16 digits of the card, the advance debt will not be written off.

-For the early settlement of the advance debt, you can settle it by specifying the CIF code and date of birth. It is possible to pay through the Milliön, Emanat, Birbank application.

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