Profitable Life Insurance

"Profitable Life insurance" is a special product developed in cooperation with PASHA Life Insurance. Take advantage of the high interest rates of the insurance product and get life insurance.

  • Annual interest rate 1%
  • Minimum amount 100 $
  • Maximum amount 10 000 000 $

Profitable Life Insurance

100 10 000 000
12 ay

The "Profitable Insurance" product is presented in cooperation with PASHA Life Insurance.

The advantages of product

1. Savings in dollars - Keep your money in safe hands.

2. High rate of return- Obtained income in the amount of 1% at the end of the contract period.

3. Life Insurance - You insure your life with savings.

The "Profitable Life Insurance" product is offered to customers within the framework of cooperation between Kapital Bank and Pasha Həyat. As part of this product, by opening account in dollars, you insure your life. The annual interest rate applied to the product is set at 1%. The term of the product with a high percentage of profitability is 1 year. Interest rate is paid after the expiration of the contract. The minimum amount is 100 USD, the maximum is 10,000,000 USD. To receive a special accumulative product - "Profitable life insurance" it is enough to go to the nearest branch of Kapital Bank. Open savings and take advantage of the high-interest rates and benefits of life insurance.