Debit Card Physical Damage Insurance (card damage)

  • Beneficiary Debit card holders

Beneficiary: Debit card holders

Collateral risks:

  • Risks of theft and robbery
  • Negative events and situations in ATMs
  • Fire risks
  • Natural disasters
  • Deliberate and intentional actions of third parties
  • Occurrence of losses
  • Other unexpected events
  • In case of physical damage or loss of the debit card, plastic cards are replaced by Bank with a new one free of charge at the request of the customer.
  • The insurance certificate comes into force at the same time with the plastic card contract and is considered valid during the contract period.
  • During the validity period of the insurance, 1-year cards related to the service can be replaced once a year free of charge during the period of use, and 3-year cards can be replaced free of charge 3 times.