Korporativ Sosial Məsuliyyət

Kapital Bank provides services to a significant portion of the country's population and representatives from various social strata, covering a wide range of banking services. Moreover, the Bank actively participates in financing significant governmental and infrastructure projects. The Bank's mission is to contribute to the social development of society, promote progress, ensure the prosperity of our country, and foster sustainable economic development. Such a broad spectrum of activities increases the level of responsibility towards clients and employees. As part of external corporate social responsibility, the Bank focuses on several key areas:

Support to innovation

Supporting the Innovation Ecosystem

Innovations have become integral part our daily lives, with startups emerging in various countries rapidly globalizing and transcending boundaries. In several countries, innovation ecosystems have been established, effectively showcasing "products" on global markets. We at Kapital Bank recognize that nurturing the development of this ecosystem, already taking root in Azerbaijan, will not only enhance our society's well-being in banking, but also impact various fields of our daily lives.

To achieve this goal, we monitor global trends and actively engage in initiatives aimed at supporting our country in keeping pace with modern trends and elevating Azerbaijan's reputation among innovative countries. One of examples of such initiatives is the Innovation Summit, which we have supported for the second consecutive year. Organized by PASHA Holding and supported by the Innovation and Digital Development Agency, the summit aimed to convene key figures and companies within the technology sector, along with innovation-driven startups in Baku. The objective was to facilitate professional discussions, idea exchange, and sharing of experiences among participants, thereby fostering the development of an innovation ecosystem in the entire region.
Within this endeavor, we also collaborate with organizations such as Sabah Lab and SUP. VC.

Updated: 10.05.2024