About bank


Type of shares: ordinary, authorized

State Registration number: AZ1003005159

Nominal value: 12,39 (twelve manat thirty nine) manat.

Number of shares: 15.000.000.

Rights of shareholders

Every bank’s shareholder has the following rights according to the Article # 106-1.3 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, other legislation and the bank’s charter:

To participate in the management of Bank, to elect and to be elected to its managerial and executive bodies as provided by the legislation (except for holders of preference shares) ;

To receive information on the activity of the Bank and review its annual report and accounting balance once a year in according with the legislation;

To call for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of shareholders of the bank;

To require making changes to the agenda of AGM of shareholders of the bank;

To take part in the Annual General Meeting of shareholders of the Bank with the right to vote and to require the copy of its protocol;

To receive the dividend from the bank’s net profit;

When the bank terminates its activity, to receive a certain part of remaining property, after implementing requirements of creditors, paying dividends that were calculated, but not paid and also, paying termination value of preference shares ;

To have other rights in accordance with the Civil Code and the legislation.

Updated: 08.02.2024