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  • Date: 16 August, 2021
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What are the requirements to get a loan from Kapital Bank?

  • Kapital Bank Kapital Bank
  • Date: 30 September, 2023

Kapital Bank offers a loan product in manats meeting the requirements of customers on favorable terms for daily needs. The Bank provides an internal mortgage loan for those who want to buy a new apartment. The requirements for loan products vary depending on the type of loan. Cash consumer loans can be issued to people with official income, as well as to those who have loans from other banks. You are required to place a deposit in a bank for deposit-secured loans. You need to have an insurance deposit in USD or EUR for a secured manat loan. When applying for a cash consumer loan, only the ID card PIN is enough. To get acquainted with the requirements for obtaining a loan from the bank and apply for a loan suitable for your needs online, go to the Loans section.

Cash loan

Make your dreams come true and meet your needs with cash loan up to 30 000 AZN