BirBank holds a new campaign on the occasion of the Victory



Users of the BirBank app from Kapital Bank earn bonuses in the form of “Hearts” by making cashless payments via POS terminals, the Internet and the app itself. Collected bonuses can then be redeemed for various gifts.

Until November 30, 2020, users can now earn more “Hearts” through BirBank when paying for mobile and landline communications, utilities, TV and Internet. Users will earn 2 times more bonus “Hearts” by making a payment of up to 5 manat, and if the payment amount exceeds 5 manat, the bonuses will be credited 3 times more.

It should be noted that in addition to Kapital Bank cards, payment cards of other banks added to BirBank are also valid as part of the “Hearts” loyalty program. The order of bonus accrual can be found on the website —

BirBank is the country's most popular mobile app and has more than 1 million users. After spending just one minute on online registration through any payment card, iOS and Android users can use BirBank services. The app has a number of advantages: easy registration, possibility to activate a Digital card on the spot, NFC payments, accumulation of bonuses, etc. For more detailed information, visit the website or call 196 Information Centre.