Personnel of Baku State University receives “Smart education cards”



For the first time in Azerbaijan, employees of Baku State University received Kapital Bank’s smart education cards. The project was implemented on the initiative of the Ministry of Education, the Central Bank and Baku State University, with the support of Kapital Bank and Mastercard.

Smart education cards will allow a staff of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions to receive salaries, as well as to make payments both within the country and abroad. The new cards will be used to access universities, libraries and reading rooms as well. Smart education card coverage is planned to be further expanded, to be used in public transport, for dedicated discounts for teachers and other services.

Kapital Bank's smart cards have already been provided to students of the Azerbaijan State University of Economics, Baku Engineering University, Baku State University and Baku State Industry and Innovation Vocational Education Centre. In the future, similar cards are planned to be issued to students and employees of other educational institutions.

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