Deposit amount

from 100 AZN/USD

Deposit period

12 months

Maximum interest rate

AZN - 1%, USD - 0.01%


Deposit period - 12 months (automatic prolongation)

Interest on contracts issued less than 30 calendar days ago is not paid

Minimum amount - 100 AZN/USD

Interest payments - when deposit is removed


Partial withdrawal - minimum amount for withdrawal must be at least 100 AZN/USD The deposit amount can be reduced to 100 AZN/USD

Adding funds to the deposit - amount added must be at least 100 AZN/USD

Prolonging the deposit period - If a customer does not request repayment of their deposit upon the expiration of the deposit period, the deposit is automatically retained on similar conditions, provided the tariffs and terms and conditions on the date the deposit period expires are identical to those offered by the Bank. Otherwise, deposits are retained under conditions established by the Bank in a unilateral manner.

In case of withdrawal of a deposit within 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the date of its formalization, a client is charged a commission of 5 (five) AZN.

Bank deposits are the best tool for managing your cash. This product allows you to gain value reliably by protecting your money from interest rate risks. A deposit account is the first step on your way to investing. With the help of termless deposit product, you can invest your money to deposit accounts without time limit. The minimum period of 12 months set for deposits is automatically extended at the end of the term. If the depositor does not demand the return of the deposit the next day after the expiration of the term, in case the same deposit terms are available in the tariff and conditions of that period, the term shall be extended on those terms, and in all other cases on the terms determined by the Bank. The minimum amount applied for termless deposits is set at AZN/USD 100. The interest rates for deposits placed in two currencies, AZN and USD, differ depending on the currency. Payment of interest income determined for deposits is made when the deposit is withdrawn. You can easily increase or decrease the deposit amount placed in the bank. For successful money management, it is enough to apply to the nearest Kapital Bank branch to take advantage of the benefits of the termless deposit.