Fee Card

The possibility of paying fees conveniently and fast at MFP and customs points.

  • Card price 1 year - 50 AZN, 2 years - 80 AZN, 3 years - 100 AZN
  • BirBank Connection is free
  • Currency AZN, USD, EUR


Fee Card is useful for taxes and fees of the Government Payment Portal only at the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic.
It is not possible to use the card at ATMs or POS-terminals for any other operations.

  • Possibility Opportunities to streamline customs duties and fees, create accountability and analytical systems;
  • The card gives chances to make payments for mandatory fees, taxes etc. at any time of the day through internet network, and eliminates time wasters;
  • The card leads to manage and monitor accounting effectively and facilitates the workload;

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