When using NFC (Near Field Communication), the customer has the opportunity to pay without a card through the BirBank mobile application. For NFC Payments, the customer assigns any Kapital Bank card belonging to him, when making a payment, simply bring the phone closer to the POS terminal and make the payment. With NFC, there is no longer a need for a plastic card in this process.

If a customer does not have a payment card then he can order Digital Card through BirBank – the card is activated immediately, and as a result, without approaching the bank, the customer becomes the owner of the card and can make non-cash purchases with NFC payments from this card.

Activation of NFC Pay

Payment with "NFC Pay" in BirBank is possible in 2 forms.

Note: NFC payments can only be made for the transactions which is less than 100 AZN.

The ”SMS Radar” function of BirBank offers customers the ability to receive notifications about fines, track and pay fines (through BirBank) by adding car and driver's licenses to the application. The customers also earn bonus “Hearts” for the payments. Note that the service fee for each added car is 1 AZN per month.

It is not important to take cash or a payment card with you when you go to the shopping anymore. Payments at service points are now possible through BirBank. To do this, after shopping, you need to scan the QR code on a special poster at the cash point with a smartphone camera. You can use any card account in BirBank to make payments - even a card that does not belong to Kapital Bank. For the shops where QR Pay is valid click.

With the new BirBank application, you can now manage many banking transactions from one account. You can use the following features in the updated application:

Online registration within 1 minute by simply entering your card information

Fingerprint access

Track your loans, making your monthly payments

Manage your deposits, control daily accrued interest

Look at the balance of your cards, get a receipt and block the card if necessary

Virtual card order

Monitor your accounts, get a receipt and perform all operations on the accounts

Make all payments on time by paying your utility and mobile service debts, adding templates and activating automatic payments

Track your payment history

Make transfers between your accounts, to another person's account, your own card and other cards, create templates and make instant transfers based on templates

Track your transfer history

Showing on the map nearby Kapital Bank ATMs and branches

Monitor exchange rates

Add a photo to your profile

Showing on the map BirKart’s partner shops

Make money transfers to your contacts in the phonebook and cash out the amount through ATMs

Ability to share expenses with a payment card with your friends

Request money from your contacts in the phonebook

Ability to contact the bank (online chat)

Ability to apply for a payment card or a loan online

Ability to add a card which belongs to another bank and payment/transfer by the card.