Gardens in memory of our fallen soldiers are created in several more districts



As previously reported, Kapital Bank and Red Hearts Foundation launched the “Vətən Bağı” (“Garden of the Motherland”) project to perpetuate the memory of our heroes who died during the first and second Karabakh wars. As part of the project, memorial trees are planted in various districts throughout Azerbaijan in accordance with the number of martyrs of each district.

This time, the tree planting was carried out jointly with PASHA Bank in the Lankaran and Astara districts. 252 Persian ironwoods were planted in Lankaran, and 124 cypresses were planted in Astara. The events was attended by employees of PASHA Bank, members of the Red Hearts Foundation, the local community of the districts and volunteers. The tree-planting campaigns were supported by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan and local executive authorities.

The project, which will continue in November, will be implemented jointly with PASHA Holding in Guba and Khachmaz, and with Kapital Bank — in Bilasuvar and Jalilabad. During the campaigns, it is planned to plant a total of up to 1000 trees.

The “Gardens of the Motherland” are laid out mainly in populous places, in parks and city centers. The care of the trees, their watering and other necessary activities are be carried out by the local executive authorities and the Red Hearts Foundation.

Red Hearts was founded in December 2019 at the initiative of Kapital Bank employees. The organization, which currently operates as a foundation, mainly provides assistance to orphanages, shelters and people in need. For more information please visit