More than half a million users registered 85.4 million receipts to refund VAT through BirBank



Since May 2020, the process of returning part of VAT paid by consumers, individuals, for goods purchased at retail or catering facilities (with the exception of oil and gas products) is underway. Refund of 15% of the VAT amount for cashless payments and 10% of VAT for cash payments is provided.

The main goal of the project presented in March last year is to increase transparency in the tax system, as well as to stimulate cashless payments. According to statistics from the State Tax Service, more than 1 million people have registered on the portal 89% of registered users (approximately 907 thousand people) entered information on received cashier's receipts in their e-Cabinets.

To date, citizens have entered data on more than 132 million cash register receipts on the portal. VAT in the amount of 47,2 million manats has been refunded so far on the already approved checks and placed in a virtual wallet in the e-Cabinet of consumers.

The first financial partner of this project was Kapital Bank and the BirBank mobile app. For more convenience, a special section “ƏDV geri al” (“VAT Refund”) has been created in the “Bonuses” menu of BirBank. With the help of the BirBank’s QR-service, users can scan the code on receipts and add information on the portal faster and more conveniently.

According to the figures, the vast majority of consumers who currently return part of the VAT are users of BirBank. Three out of four people added their receipts to the portal through BirBank (about 85.4 million checks). In January and February 2021, the number of checks added to the system through BirBank was about 75%.

In addition, funds placed on the virtual wallet through BirBank can be transferred to payment cards of local banks or used for cashless payments. To do so, the phone number registered in the BirBank app must be the same as registered on the portal.

It should be noted that to return part of the VAT, the consumer must apply through the portal or the BirBank app within 90 days from the time of receipt of the check. The 12-digit identifier of the receipt should be entered by the user on the portal or receipt’s QR must be scanned via BirBank.