Kapital Bank introduces service for remote signing of agreements



Kapital Bank offers individuals the opportunity to sign contracts and agreements remotely. As part of the new service, surety contracts of individuals, founder's decisions, if the founder of the legal entity is an individual, loan agreements, bank guarantees, letters of credit and other documentary forms of security for individual entrepreneurs, as well as surety and pledge agreements can be signed via the facial recognition system without visiting bank offices and without using additional apps.

The service will allow entrepreneurs and companies to save time, eliminate the unnecessary paper documents, and also get rid of the need for additional approval of documents by the bank. Other signing methods require approval of agreements by the bank, the use of some third-party application, the existence of a paper document and visits to bank offices. The new service excludes all of the above procedures. The service can also be used with a smartphone.

Now customers, even if they are abroad, can sign contracts and agreements remotely without visiting the bank, without using the advanced e-signature, without waiting for the bank to approve the contract or agreement. The signed document will immediately come into force. To sign the document, customers must follow the link sent by SMS to their mobile number and confirm the attached document.

It should be noted that Kapital Bank regularly introduces various innovations aimed at the remote delivery of products and services. This allows customers to tackle their banking issues faster and save time.