Share your “hearts” and get a gift!



Kapital Bank is holding a new contest for users of BirBank mobile application. According to the terms, users of social networks have to publish on their pages in a public form with #birbank and #urekler hashtags screenshot of "Hearts" ("Ürəklər") accumulated in the BirBank application, tag KapitalBank's page and note from which payments were the most of “Hearts” ("Ürəklər") collected.

The contest will last until March 13, 23:59 and on March 14, 2019 three winners will be randomly selected among the participants. First place winner will get iPhone X, second place - iWatch 4, third place - airpods headphones.

As previously reported, users of the BirBank mobile application, making payments through POS-terminals, internet and BirBank, will be able to earn bonuses in the form of “hearts”. Then the collected bonuses can be changed for various gifts.

In addition to Kapital Bank cards, payment cards of other banks registered with BirBank are also valid under the program. The order of bonus accrual can be found on the website —

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