Quick Loan has been added to Birbank Biznes



Birbank Biznes has launched a new product Quick Loan, designed for small and medium-sized businesses. The loan is issued in the amount of up to 200 thousand manats with an annual rate starting at 12%.

Quick Loan is issued completely online in just one working day after application submission. Business owners can get a Quick loan wasting no time without guarantor and collateral needed. For more information about the product or to apply online: https://kbl.az/bbpril.

Quick Loan was created to support small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, develop their businesses and overcome financial difficulties. The new product is a dynamic loan offer, tailored to the borrower's banking behavior, and is provided to customers with a positive credit history and regular turnover.

Birbank Biznes brings together many banking products that entrepreneurs use every day:

-       Guarantees: tender, performance, advance, quality, payment, customs, etc.

-       Quick Tender

-       Cash secured guarantee

-       Business overdraft

-       Trade finance: factoring, sales financing, pre-shipment finance

-       Customs loan

-       Business mortgage

-       Financial leasing

-       Traditional loan/credit line

For more information about Birbank Biznes go to the website https://birbank.business/ or call the 896 information center.