Kapital Bank launches “smart” cash registers!



Kapital Bank has launched smart cash registers for corporate clients. Unlike their traditional counterparts, the new devices have many advantages. Smart cash registers are based on the Android operating platform, and also combine the functionalities of a POS terminal, a cash register, accounting system and even a printer. The devices has a touch screen, which is quite easy to use, dual network (WiFi and GPRS), a camera, Bluetooth and a memory card.

Smart cash registers equipped with NFC technology are a convenient solution for mobile payments. That is, all payments can be made via a mobile phone without using a bank card. More specifically, the next generation smart cash registers have such useful functions as: POS, NFC (contactless), QR, payment by installments (monthly payment), instant cash back and miles calculation, conducting operations with bonus “Hearts” and other similar loyalty programs, keeping warehouse records and reading bar codes, as well as leaving a customer signature on the touch screen.

Another important advantage of smart cash registers offered by Kapital Bank is the possibility to connect to the Customer Bank system and remotely control and monitor devices online. The bank can also remotely download to the device the functions that the entrepreneur wishes.

One of the important innovations for customers at the next stage will be the connection of smart cash registers to the information system of the Ministry of Taxes. In the future, in the system of the Ministry of Taxes, it will be possible to receive a 15% cash back online from non-cash payments and a 10% cash back from cash payments. When exchanging data between the cash register and the specified system, a QR code of the product will be printed online. Based on this code, a customer will be able to get cash back.

Entrepreneurs wishing to purchase smart cash registers can contact one of the Kapital Bank branches and provide the relevant information about their activities. Terminals are provided free of charge to customers connected to various services and tariff “packages” of the bank for small and medium-sized businesses, customers who do not use the services of Kapital Bank, but have a certain trade turnover, as well as to partners who meet certain requirements for the installment plan. For more information, along with bank branches, you can contact Call Centre – 196, use the sites www.kapitalbank.az and www.birkart.az, call the hotline (+99450) 255-01-96 or contact the client managers.