Kapital Bank offers businesspeople a favorable mortgage loan



Kapital Bank offers a mortgage loan on favorable terms to individuals engaged in business activities. Entrepreneurs can purchase a property by taking a mortgage for up to 10 years with an annual percentage rate starting at 10%.

This offer from Kapital Bank gives businesspeople a number of advantages: the possibility of providing property as collateral in the name of a third party, receiving the guarantee from the bank for the seller, provision of insurance on the annual basis, exemption from rental payments, no risk of eviction from the business premises, the opportunity of buying additional real property etc.

To apply for a mortgage, customers can contact the corporate information center at (012) 310 09 99 or write on the bank's official pages on social networks.

Kapital Bank's business centers for SME clients operate in the branches of Khatai, Sabail, Nasimi, Ganjlik, Yasamal, Markaz, 28 May, as well as in the Tijaret department located in the Sadarak shopping center. In addition to a specialised SME customer service division, these offices also have client managers. They provide entrepreneurs with detailed information about the bank's products, receive applications for a loan, guarantee, overdraft, factoring and other products, and provide financial advice and other services to promote client’s business.