Kapital Bank employees voluntarily help low-income families



Companies and individuals, along with government agencies in conditions of a special quarantine regime, recently hold different charity events and aid campaigns. Employees of Kapital Bank also joined the support actions. In addition to funds allocated to the Support Fund, special benefits for entrepreneurs, retirees and other customers, also an initiative group was created by the bank's employees.

A group of volunteers “Qırmızı ürəklər” (“Red Hearts”), that was created with the initiative of Kapital Bank employees, conducted charity events, visited low-income families, large families, people with disabilities, elderly people, provided them with food and daily products in Baku as well as in the regions. To this day, members of the “Qırmızı ürəklər” group have organized charity events in 50 districts of the country and provided assistance to about 1000 low-income families.

“In recent months, the country has held many social actions due to the existing regime. Kapital Bank has also joined various fundraising and community support activities. We have already reported this through various resources. This time I would like to talk about the initiative of the employees, and not of the bank itself. It is gratifying that the Qırmızı ürəklər volunteer group, created by our employees, did not act indifferent and supported many families having difficulties during the pandemic. I would like also inform you, that the organization of events and fundraising is carried out by our employees voluntarily. I thank each of our employees for such a wonderful initiative and am proud of them”, – said Rovshan Allahverdiyev, Chairman of the Board of Kapital Bank.

It should be noted, that the initiative group, with the more than 100 members was created in December 2019. The main activity of the group is to help orphanages and shelters. The initiative group has repeatedly visited the reintegration center under the Union of Children of Azerbaijan, the institution of social services for children with disabilities No. 2, located in the village of Saray, and other institutions. The “Qırmızı ürəklər” group, which are not indifferent to a pandemic, as an exception, started providing massive assistance to low-income families too.

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