Volunteers of “Red Hearts” visited children of martyrs during holidays



The volunteer group “Red Hearts”, launched a year ago with the initiative of Kapital Bank employees, conducts charity events both in Baku and in the regions, visits low-income and large families, people with disabilities, elderly people, provides them with food, as well as everyday goods. To date, the group has organized charity events in more than 50 districts of the country, provided assistance to hundreds of families from socially vulnerable groups.

During the pandemic, since March of this year, “Red Hearts” organized many charity events throughout the country. These initiatives took place in 54 districts and reached more than 1,500 families. In addition, on Eid al-Adha, volunteers of “Red Hearts” provided assistance to about 900 needy families in 60 districts. The volunteer group also provided about 200 kilograms of sacrificial meat to soldiers of one of the military units in the Tovuz district.

Since the beginning of tension in the frontline, even at the height of the war, the “Red Hearts” group has been helping our soldiers, sending food and necessities to the front every week. In September-October alone, the group's volunteers collected 60,000 manats to support the army and spent them on charity. Currently, the work aimed at supporting the army continues. During December, assistance was provided to approximately 1,500 soldiers serving in the direction of Gubadli, Zangilan and Lachin.

Assistance was also provided to the families of about 1,400 soldiers and officers who are at the front line. During the charity event, which was joined by our compatriots living abroad and foreign citizens from a number of countries of the world, funds in the amount of about 370,000 manats were collected and spent for their intended purpose. On the eve of the New Year and the Day of Solidarity of Azerbaijanis around the World, “Red Hearts” volunteers have pleased more than 1,300 children of martyred servicemen with holiday gifts.

“Red Hearts”, being a part of the society, considers it its duty to do good deeds and help those in need. The initiative group, which currently has more than 100 members, was founded in December 2019 with the initiative of Kapital Bank employees. The main aim of its activities is to help orphanages, shelters and people in need.