Kapital Bank offers SMEs to remotely connect to a salary project



Kapital Bank has launched a new campaign for entrepreneurs on the occasion of Victory in the Patriotic War. The offer can be used by owners of small and medium-sized businesses who have not yet joined the Kapital Bank’s salary project.

According to the terms, customers who will connect to the salary project through the Client Bank system, salary cards will be provided free of charge, and a 25% discount will be offered on the commission for transferring funds to these cards. The Victory Campaign will last until March 1, 2021. Note that the discount on the commission for customers who joined the salary project during the campaign will be valid in the subsequent period.

Kapital Bank's salary project has a number of advantages: can be connected free and completely remotely without visiting the bank's office; the transfer of funds to salary cards is carried out online; customers who do not have an account with Kapital Bank can open a settlement account online and completely free of charge; each client is provided with a personal manager, etc.

With the help of Client Bank entrepreneurs can easily and safely use a number of services, such as: business card transfers online, depositing funds to salary cards, ordering salary cards, cashless transfers within the country and abroad, currency conversion operations, account control, receiving statements and information about orders, etc.

To connect to the Client Bank system, just click on the link https://onb-cb.kapitalbank.az/auth/login or call (+99 412) 310 09 99. It should be noted that when making transfers through Client Bank, it is possible to get a discount on fees of up to 25%.