Apply for BirKart online and get additional cashback!



A new campaign has been launched for those wishing to get BirKart, the most popular installment card in Azerbaijan. According to the terms, everyone who apply for BirKart through the or websites before March 31, 2021 will be able to get additional cashback for a certain category of purchases. Customers just need to select a category for additional cashback when submitting an online application.

Additional cashback offer will be available within the next 30 days after receiving BirKart. The categories with additional cashback include: supermarkets – 5% cashback, gas stations – 10%, food delivery services – 10%, online cinemas – 20 AZN. To apply for BirKart –

It should be noted that the BirKart card is presented in four types — BirKart (classic installment card), BirKart Cashback (installment card/cashback), BirKart Miles (installment/miles) and BirKart Umico (installment/Umico). BirKart has a number of advantages, such as: obtaining an installment for up to 18 months, up to 40 days of interest-free loan in case of one-time payment, accumulation of miles that can be redeemed for any air ticket and possibility to receive from 1,5% cashback and Umico bonuses when paying for products and services. SMS notification service is provided free. BirKart has more than 8000 partner stores all over the country and this number is constantly growing.

For more detailed information about BirKart please refer to, 196 Call Centre or the cards’s Facebook page You can also order BirKart by sending "1" to 8196 short number or contacting (+994 51) 250 99 99 via WhatsApp.