Birbank installment cards now give a grace period of up to 63 days on all transactions



From July 8, 2023, the tariffs of the Azerbaijan's most preferred installment card, Birbank, have been changed, and more favorable conditions are presented to customers. Cardholders can now enjoy a longer grace period on any transactions.

From now on, holders will also be provided with a grace period of up to 63 days for cash withdrawals, transfers, payment of loans and other types of financial transactions using Birbank installment cards. When customers make the above transactions with any type of Birbank installment card and repay the debt by the end of the next month, no interest will be charged.

It should be noted that each type of Birbank card is offered in two versions — debit and installment. Birbank Cashback gives the holder double VAT bonuses, cashback from 1.5% to 30% for cashless payments and 1% cashback for in-app payments for utilities, communications, Internet and TV. No fee is charged for cash withdrawals at ATMs of local banks and transfers to any bank card within the country in the amount of up to AZN 5,000 within a month on Birbank Cashback debit and installment cards.

Birbank Miles debit and installment card holders can withdraw cash from Kapital Bank ATMs and transfer money to any local card up to AZN 5,000 within a month without commission. For Birbank Umico debit and installment card, this limit is AZN 4,000.

Birbank installment cards has a number of features, such as: installment option for up to 18 months, up to 63 days of grace period for lump-sum payments, user-friendly mobile app for card management, loyalty program, free SMS notification service and a host of other things. Birbank card has more than 11 000 partner stores all over the country and this number is constantly growing.

For more detailed information about Birbank card refer to, 196 Call Centre or the card’s Facebook or Instagram pages. To order a card, download the Birbank app, send an SMS with the text “1” to the 8196 short code, contact us via WhatsApp at (+994 50) 999 81 96 or visit the Birbank centers.