Kapital Bank offers new loan opportunity with minimum payment option



Kapital Bank, the country's first bank, offers advantageous opportunities to those seeking cash loans. Specifically, individuals interested in obtaining a daily demand loan have the chance to pay their loan in minimum installments based on the amount borrowed.

Those looking for loans within their budget can pay 27 AZN per month for a 1,000 AZN loan, 79 AZN per month for a 3,000 AZN loan, 132 AZN per month for a 5,000 AZN loan, and 263 AZN per month for a 10,000 AZN loan. It should be noted that anyone who receives a salary on a Kapital Bank or any other bank can get a cash loan of up to AZN 50,000 for a period of up to 59 months and the rate will start at 10.9% for a period of a year.

To take advantage of the minimum monthly payment option for loans, you can apply via both digital channels and in bank branches. Customers with credit obligations in other banks can also take advantage of these opportunities. 

For more information: https://kbl.az/prmmp

Kapital Bank, the country's first bank, is part of PASHA Holding. Kapital Bank has the largest service network in Azerbaijan with 117 branches and 49 departments all over the country. For more detailed information about the bank’s products and services, please refer to https://kapitalbank.az website, 196 Call Centre or the bank’s various social network pages. To apply for a consumer loan visit https://kbl.az/prgtk, for a Birbank installment card visit https://kbl.az/prcrc.