Mushtari Bank Mobile — a new banking app for businesses



Kapital Bank has launched a new mobile banking application for corporate customers. Called Mushtari Bank Mobile, the app offers legal entities and individual entrepreneurs to carry out banking transactions using a smartphone. Mushtari Bank Mobile, available for both iOS and Android users, is designed with the latest trends in user experience and design.

Through the new application, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can get information about current accounts, cards, pending transactions, orders, and transfers. Moreover, with the help of Mushtari Bank Mobile, users can sign transactions, receive notifications, create various transfers and perform other operations. Currently, the app is only available to those who are signed up in the desktop version of Mushtari Bank. It is planned to expand the functionality of the application in the near future.

It should be noted that with the help of the desktop version of Mushtari Bank internet banking system entrepreneurs can easily and safely use a number of services, such as: opening a current account online, joining to a salary project, depositing funds to salary cards, ordering salary cards, ordering an entrepreneur card and a business card, cashless transfers within the country and abroad, currency exchange operations, account control, receiving statements and information about orders, online credit products etc.

To join the Mushtari Bank system, click on the link or call (+99 412) 310 09 99. It is possible to get a discount on fees of up to 25% when making transfers through Mushtari Bank.