Businesses will be able to accept payments via smartphone for the first time in Azerbaijan



Kapital Bank has launched the first of its kind in Azerbaijan Mobile POS service for legal entities and entrepreneurs. The new service, presented jointly with the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy and Visa, will allow businesses to use their smartphones to accept payments made with cards, smart watches, stickers and other contactless payment methods with no traditional POS terminal required. The Mobile POS service is developed by the international IT Company IBA Group.

To use the service, sellers must have an NFC-enabled mobile device with the Android operating system, as well as be a user of the Müştəri Bank system. Mobile POS will be useful primarily for small businesses (hairdressers, ateliers, courier services, taxis, shoe repair shops, kiosks, food sector, grocery and vegetable stores, etc.), which do not have to purchase and set up a full-fledged POS terminal. Entrepreneurs can join the service without visiting Kapital Bank offices and completely free of charge online through the Muştəri Bank app.

To join the service, entrepreneurs need to provide relevant information about the company and users, and the authorized person must sign the request using the ASAN Imza e-signature. After the joining is completed, an email and notification will be sent to the authorized person. Users of the Mobile POS service, along with accepting payments, can also view transaction history and information about current terminals. In the near future, the innovation will be introduced for users of other operating systems.

With the help of the Müştəri Bank internet and mobile banking system entrepreneurs can easily and safely use a number of services, such as: urgent transfers, payments to the budget, opening a current account online, joining to a salary project, depositing funds to salary cards, ordering salary cards, delivery of salary cards, ordering an entrepreneur card and a business card, cashless transfers within the country and abroad, currency exchange transaction, account control, receiving statements and information about orders, online credit products etc.

To join the Müştəri Bank system, visit or call (+99 412) 310 09 99. It is possible to get a discount on fees of up to 25% when making transfers through Müştəri Bank.