Grow your business with a microloan up to AZN 100,000



Kapital Bank is holding a campaign on micro business loans. Entrepreneurs can get a microloan of up to 100,000 manats for up to 3 years with an annual interest rate starting at 15% for any business development purposes — the purchase of equipment, the opening of new outlets, expansion of activities, etc.

You can get a loan completely online by submitting an application on the Birbank Biznes website. The campaign applies to loan applications submitted before September 8, 2023. For more information about the campaign and online application:

Birbank Biznes has many services that entrepreneurs use every day:

–       Opening business accounts

–       Urgent transfers and transfers in national and foreign currencies

–       Cashless payments

–       Order, delivery and replenishment of salary and business cards

–       Application for the installation of a POS terminal, online tracking of POS transactions and receipt of statements

–       Cash withdrawal by QR code from settlement and card accounts

–       Document flow and mass signing of documents

–       Business loan application and bank guarantee

–       Mobile POS, Click to Pay and e-commerce services

–       Special tariff packages, customs credit card and more.

Birbank Biznes customers can always get answers to their questions via live chat.

For more information about Birbank Biznes go to the website or call the 896 information center.