Kapital Bank launches a new Click to Pay service



Kapital Bank regularly offers various new services, features and offers for both individuals and entrepreneurs. From now on, business customers will be able to make instant payments with the new Click to Pay service. To activate and use Click to Pay, you have to join the Müştəri Bank system.

Thanks to the new service, users of Muştəri Bank will be able to receive payments from the counterparty through the website or mobile app of Muştəri Bank using a payment link or QR code. To receive a payment from the partner, the Muştəri Bank user selects the category of the product being sold, indicates the name of the product, the amount of payment, the name of the buyer and, if necessary, leaves a comment.

Then the seller (Muştəri Bank user) sends the buyer a link or a generated QR code. The buyer can make an instant payment using one of the above methods. The link remains active for 72 hours and is automatically expires at the end of the period. There is no limit on the amount accepted, and the commission fee is 1.5% for payments made by any card.

It should be noted that with the help of the Mushtari Bank internet and mobile banking system entrepreneurs and companies can easily and safely use a number of services, such as: opening a current account online, joining to a salary project, depositing funds to salary cards, ordering salary cards, ordering an entrepreneur card and a business card, cashless transfers within the country and abroad, currency exchange transaction, account control, receiving statements and information about orders, online credit products etc.

To join the Mushtari Bank system, visit https://cb.kapitalbank.az/login or call (+99 412) 310 09 99. It is possible to get a discount on fees of up to 25% when making transfers through Mushtari Bank.