Kapital Bank held clean-up campaign in Khoshbulag



Kapital Bank regularly holds various socially significant events as part of its corporate social responsibility strategy. Taking into account the upcoming summer season, as well as the easing of quarantine measures in Azerbaijan, the bank organized a clean-up campaign in the village of Khoshbulag, Dashkasan District.

Khoshbulag is located on the bank of the Goshgar River, at the foot of the Shahdag Range, and because of the cold weather there are quite a lot of tourists, mainly in summer, from both the western region of the country and other places, including the capital Baku. Foreign tourists have also travelled to Khoshbulag before pandemic. However, unfortunately, due to the lack of garbage cans, regular cleaning of the village area did not bring any benefit.

Hence, on June 5, on World Environment Day, employees of the head office of Kapital Bank, as well as its branches located in the western region, held a clean-up activity in Khoshbulag under the slogan “Nature is our home. Let's keep our home clean!” (“Təbiət evimizdir. Evimizi təmiz saxlayaq!”). As part of the campaign, garbage was collected in the village area and about 50 containers and bins of various sizes for household waste were placed. Within the framework of the project, with the support of the local municipal administration, the necessary cleaning works will be carried out during the holiday time.

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