Kapital Bank's cash loan lottery: winners of first draw revealed and exciting prizes await



As announced earlier, Kapital Bank, the country's first bank, is helding a lottery for customers applying for cash loan. The first draw of the lottery took place on May 15, 2024. Twenty-three individuals, randomly selected during the live broadcast, emerged as the winners of this draw. According to the lottery's terms, Kapital Bank will cover the maximum monthly payment of 500 AZN for the loan obtained by the winners between April 15 and May 9, 2024.

For detailed information about the winners, please visit: https://kbl.az/gtkltr

The second and final draws of the lottery will take place on June 12, 2024. It is noteworthy that in both the first and second draws, 23 winners, totaling 46 individuals, will have their maximum 500 AZN monthly loan payments covered. However, in the final draw, four customers will have their entire loan amount covered by Kapital Bank, with a maximum of 10,000 AZN each. All participants of the first and second draws are eligible to participate again in the final draw.

For more information about the lottery, visit: https://kbl.az/ltlt

It should be noted that Kapital Bank's cash loan lottery continues until June 3. During this period, customers applying for the “daily demand loan” automatically gain the opportunity to participate in the lottery. Customers obtaining the “daily demand loan” through online channels (kapitalbank.az, birbank.az, and the Birbank mobile application) receive five chances to participate, while those applying at branches receive one chance.

It should be mentioned that customers with official income can obtain loans up to a maximum of 50 000 AZN with terms starting from 10.9% apr. The offered loan is provided for a duration of up to 59 months.

Kapital Bank, the country's first bank, is part of PASHA Holding. Kapital Bank has the largest service network in Azerbaijan with 119 branches and 53 departments all over the country. For more detailed information about the bank’s products and services, please refer to https://kapitalbank.az  website, 196 Call Centre or the bank’s various social network pages. To apply for a consumer loan visit https://kbl.az/prgtk , for a Birbank installment card visit https://kbl.az/prcrc .