Life-saving blood donation campaign by Kapital Bank



Kapital Bank, which always supports various social initiatives, organized a traditional blood donation campaign. The campaign, held under the motto "Qan ver, həyat qurtar" with the support of the Azerbaijan Thalassemia Federation and the Central Blood Bank.

After checking up the health status of the donors by hematologists of the medical team of the Central Blood Bank. More than 100 employees of the bank voluntarily participated in the campaign, including the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Kapital Bank, Farid Huseynov. It should be noted that such blood donation campaigns have already become a tradition at Kapital Bank.

The blood donation campaign aims to provide support for people suffering from thalassemia and other hereditary blood diseases. It is worth noting that currently, more than 3,000 people in Azerbaijan suffer from thalassemia and other hereditary blood diseases and the lives of these individuals depend on mass blood donation campaigns.

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