Favorable offer from Kapital Bank for Entrepreneur's Day



Kapital Bank has launched a new campaign for small, medium and large businesses on the occasion of April 25 — Entrepreneur's Day. As part of the campaign, tariff packages that include basic banking operations and products are offered at a discount of up to 15%. Until May 31, 2023, tariff packages “Təməl” and “Sərfəli XS” will have a 5% discount, tariff packages “Uğur”, “İnkişaf”, “Sərfəli S” and “Sərfəli M” — 10%, and packages “Zirvə”, “Hədəf”, “Sərfəli L” and “Sərfəli XL” — 15%.

Customers can purchase tariff packages and add-ons to packages without coming to the bank, by making a one-time payment through Müştəri Bank. Customers can carry out relevant operations free of charge and unlimitedly during the year, as well as enjoy other benefits. Entrepreneurs who use Kapital Bank’s tariff packages save an average of 40% on banking costs compared to standard tariffs.

In addition to tariff packages, Kapital Bank also offers to use package add-ons “Valyuta Mübadiləsi” (“Currency Exchange”), “Hesabdan Məxaric” (“Withdrawal of funds from the account”) and “Əmək Haqqı” (“Salary”), which include exchange, income-expenditure and other segmented operations. According to the turnover of their business, entrepreneurs can easily choose the tariff package that suits them and add-ons to this package.

For more details about tariff packages and package add-ons visit the website: https://kbl.az/tpyks. To join the Müştəri Bank system, follow the link: https://cb.kapitalbank.az/login.