Kapital Bank took part in BAFT’s two conferences



On November 2–4, 2022, the Bankers Association for Finance and Trade (BAFT) held the International Trade Conference and Regional Bank Conference in Houston, USA. Mr. Vugar Sadig, International Relations Advisor to CEO at Kapital Bank, took part in the events.

The 2022 International Trade Conference was focused on key topical themes including supply chain, trade digitization, sustainability/ESG, geopolitics, regulatory and compliance, and other key issues that enhance and impact the growth of trade and trade finance, and their role within the global economy. The conference brought together bank and corporate executives, government officials, and other stakeholders involved in international trade and supply chain. 2022 Regional Bank Conference was held to discuss topics of interest to banks and exchange views among the participants.

“Global geopolitical uncertainty poses many challenges for banks today. Therefore, and due to the complexities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, banks have been forced to make additions and changes to their regulatory and compliance policies. The purpose of the conferences was to discuss such issues, as well as to find ways to ensure sustainable financing of trade and the supply chain,” said Mr. Vugar Sadig, International Relations Advisor to CEO at Kapital Bank.

It should be noted that BAFT is a subsidiary of the American Bankers Association (ABA). Kapital Bank has been a member of the ABA since 2017 and actively participates in various events organized by BAFT.

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