Support the Armed Forces with your “Hearts”



In recent days, due to the ongoing military operations in the country, many citizens have expressed a desire to make donations to the Armed Forces Assistance Fund. In this regard, a new feature has been added to the BirBank mobile banking app. Thus, app users can now “spend” the earned bonus “Hearts” on donations to the Assistance Fund.

1 manat can be donated to the Fund's account in exchange for 10,000 “Hearts”, 5 manats – 50,000 “Hearts” and 10 manats – 100,000 “Hearts”.

It should be noted that users of the BirBank app from Kapital Bank earn bonuses in the form of “Hearts” by making non-cash payments via POS terminals, the Internet and the app itself. Collected bonuses can then be redeemed for various gifts.

BirBank is the country's most popular mobile app and has more than 1 million users. After spending just one minute on online registration through any payment card, iOS and Android users can use BirBank services. The app has a number of advantages: easy registration, possibility to activate a Digital card on the spot, NFC payments, accumulation of bonuses, etc. For more detailed information, visit the website or call 196 Information Centre.