Kapital Bank has once again been recognised as “The Safest Bank” in Azerbaijan



The world-famous financial magazine Global Finance has identified the list of the most reliable and secure banks in 110 countries for 2019. According to the results of an exclusive survey, Kapital Bank is named “The Safest Bank in Azerbaijan for 2019”.

Banks were selected through an evaluation of long-term foreign currency ratings – from Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch – and the total assets of the largest banks worldwide. About 1,000 of the world's major banks from Western, Central and Eastern Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Africa participated in the assessment, and only 50 banks received the title of “The Safest Bank”.

For more than 20 years, the Global Finance magazine has been selecting the best representatives of the banking sector in emerging markets. The winner selection criteria are derived by assessing asset growth, profitability, strategic relationships, customer service quality, the presence of regulations in the banking industry, and consideration of each country's specific risks and resources. The main purpose of the list is to identify the safest banks in the countries and help financial institutions in finding the best partners for further cooperation.

It should be noted that Kapital Bank was awarded the “Best Trade Finance Providers” by the Global Finance magazine at the beginning of this year.

Kapital Bank, having the biggest branch network in Azerbaijan, is at the service of customers with 100 branches and 13 departments. For more detailed information about the Bank’s products and services, please refer to www.kapitalbank.az website, 196 Call Centre or the Bank’s various social network pages.