BirKart has now become even easier to get!



BirKart has launched the new “End to End” project. The project provides for a significant simplification and acceleration of the procedure of processing customer requests for the BirKart installment card. In this way, customers will be able to save their time and get the card more conveniently and quickly.

From now on, BirKart can be issued online without coming to the Bank. Anyone who is over 18 and has an official income can apply for a BirKart through the sites and, WhatsApp and other online methods. This new feature also applies to the cash loan product. To get a BirKart or a cash loan, the client only needs to sign one document at the Bank's branch.

It should be noted that the BirKart card is presented in three types — BirKart (classic installment card), BirKart Cashback (installment card/cashback) and BirKart Miles (installment/miles). BirKart has a number of advantages, such as: obtaining an installment up to 18 months, up to 40 days of interest-free loan in case of one-time payment, withdrawing the entire amount in cash and possibility to receive from 1,5% to 30% of cashback when paying for products and services. SMS notification service is provided free.

For more detailed information about BirKart please refer to, 196 Call Centre or the cards’s Facebook page You can also order BirKart by sending "1" to 8196 short number or contacting (+994 51) 250 99 99 via WhatsApp. Kapital Bank, having the biggest branch network in Azerbaijan, is at the service of customers with 100 branches and 13 departments.