Kapital Bank to pay dividends to its shareholders



We hereby inform you that based on each year's financial results, Kapital Bank pays dividends to shareholders from its profit.

In 2020, Kapital Bank also paid dividends to shareholders based on 2019 profits. Despite the pandemic, shareholders were paid dividends totaling 112 million manat as of May, June, July, August and September of this year. 6 million of this amount is accounted for by preferred shares.

Kapital Bank is calling a general meeting of shareholders in connection with the payment of the next part of the dividend in January 2021. In this regard, shareholders can apply to the Bank's branches in the same manner at the specified time.

Note that 99.87% of Kapital Bank shares belong to Pasha Holding, and 0.13% – to individuals. The authorized capital of Kapital Bank is 245.8 million AZN. Currently, Kapital Bank is a financial institution with the largest branch network in Azerbaijan.