Kapital Bank launches unique data related events



Kapital Bank, the first bank of Azerbaijan, together with SUP.VC launches a series of unique events on one of the most relevant topics of our time — the database. The project, which will cover 6 events by the end of the year, will be held in the format of Data Talks, Data Workshop and Data Panel.

The theme of the first event to be held within the framework of the project is “Management of highly stable databases”. The topic, which will be discussed by industry professionals, will provide participants with an opportunity to discover new and interesting practices in the field of deployment and management of big data. The event will allow participants to communicate and exchange experiences with database specialists and people interested in this area.

The expert of the first event will be Kamran Agayev, a specialist with more than 20 years of experience in managing highly stable databases. He has a number of professional, expert and master's certificates in the field of Oracle Database. Two of his books have been published in the USA: “Oracle Backup & Recovery” and “Study Guide for the Oracle Certified Master Exam”. Speaking at international conferences in most countries of the world, Kamran Agayev was awarded the Oracle ACE Director award from Oracle, the number of which in the world is less than 120.

International experts, such as Ozer Gunal and Bora Sezen, will take part in the following events that will be held within the framework of the project.

Data talks will take place on September 19 at the Electronic Government Development Center on 89a Ataturk Avenue. To take part in the event, register using the link: https://shorturl.at/biIR5. The number of registrations is limited.

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