BirKart holders to earn gifts!



The Azerbaijan’s most preferred installment card, BirKart, has launched a new campaign that will enable holders to earn points from purchases. According to the terms, points will be awarded for installment purchases and one-time payments in the amount of AZN 20 and more. After the end of the campaign, those who have accumulated more than 500 points will be able to receive a gift.

A gift can be obtained depending on the number of points earned. For 500–4999 points customers can get 50 MB of internet data and 20 minutes of talk, for 5000–9999 points — 50,000 bonus Hearts, for 10,000–24,999 points — AZN 20 fuel card, for 25,000–39,999 points — AZN 50 cashback, for 40,000–69,999 points — AZN 100 cashback, for 70,000–149,999 points — LG TV, and if more than 150,000 points collected, customers can get an iPhone 13 smartphone.

During the campaign, customers will receive notifications of earned points after each payment. Points will be calculated both by the number and by the amount of transactions. When paying by installments, customers will receive 10 points for each operation and 5 points for each manat spent. With one-time payments, BirKart holders will earn 2 points for each transaction and 1 point for each manat spent. Each client can earn points by the number of transactions 10 times with installments and 30 times with lump-sum payments. There are no restrictions on accrual of points depending on the amount of transactions.

BirKart holders must apply to receive the gift within three months of the end of the campaign, which will last until June 30, 2022. At the end of the campaign, participants will be sent information about the gift and a tip on how to receive it. To discover more about the campaign, follow

BirKart is presented in four types: ƏDV, Cashback, Miles and Umico. BirKart has a number of features, such as: installment option for up to 18 months, up to 40 days of grace period for lump-sum payments, user-friendly mobile app for card management, loyalty program, free SMS notification service and a host of other things. BirKart has more than 10 000 partner stores all over the country and this number is constantly growing.

For more detailed information about BirKart please refer to, 196 Call Centre or the cards’s Facebook page BirKart can be ordered by sending an SMS to the short number 8196, contacting via WhatsApp at (+994 50) 999 81 96, as well as through BirKart card centers.