Kapital Bank launches “BirCode Camp” internship program



In recent years, the country's banking industry has attached great importance to digitalization and the development of information technology. Needless to say that Azerbaijan's first bank, Kapital Bank, does not lag behind modern trends. To contribute to the digitalization of the local banking sector, Kapital Bank also implements best practices for training new IT professionals, as well as conducts various internship programs.

Not so long ago, Kapital Bank announced the opening of registration for the “BirCode Camp” internship program for youngsters who are interested in the field of information technology. A total of 738 people applied to participate in the project, of which 137 were interviewed, and only 27 were accepted. On November 2, 2020, the Academy of Human Capital hosted a presentation of the project, which was attended by future IT specialists – participants of the “BirCode Camp” internship program.

The presentation was also attended by Deputy Chairman of the Board, Chief Information Officer of Kapital Bank Mr. Nahid V. Zeynalov and Head of the Human Resources Management Department Ms. Fargana O. Mammadova. As part of the project, under the mentorship of Kapital Bank employees, participants of the internship program will be able to gain the necessary knowledge and experience in the areas of frontend, backend, IOS and Android development. During the program, they will also be able to learn the Agile methodology.

Fargana Mammadova, Head of Human Resources Management Department, stated: “Today, Kapital Bank is one of the most active employers in the country's financial sector. The bank attaches great importance to the development of the IT sector and attracting more young people to this sphere. We select the best students to participate in internship programs by reviewing applications that are received through universities, as well as various sites and social networks where our ads are placed. I am strongly sure that the “BirCode Camp” project will be a great opportunity for our young people to express themselves and build their future careers.”

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