Entrepreneurs can now open an account with Birbank Biznes using facial recognition



Birbank Biznes, the internet and mobile banking system designed for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, has streamlined its registration process significantly. For the first time in Azerbaijan, entrepreneurs can now take advantage of the innovative “Registration through Facial Recognition” feature to effortlessly open a business account.

Thanks to this innovative feature, opening an account with Birbank Biznes has become remarkably simpler. Entrepreneurs only need to fill out basic personal and company information, verify the contract and self-assessment form using Asan Imza, and then finalize the registration via video facial recognition, eliminating the requirement for physical ID submission. The entire process takes just about 3 minutes, enabling business owners to swiftly register with Birbank Biznes without the hassle of visiting a branch, thus saving their valuable time.

Birbank Biznes has many services that entrepreneurs actively use:

-    Opening business bank accounts

-    Urgent transfers and transfers in national and foreign currencies

-    Cashless payments

-    Order, delivery and replenishment of salary and business cards

-    Application for the installation of a POS terminal, online tracking of POS transactions and receipt of statements

-    Cash withdrawal by QR code from settlement and card accounts

-    Document flow and mass signing of documents

-    Business loans and bank guarantees

-    Mobile POS, Click to Pay and e-commerce services

-    Special tariff packages and more.

Birbank Biznes customers can always get answers to their questions via live chat.

For more information about Birbank Biznes go to the website https://bir.bank/bbfipr or call the 896 information center.